Trevor Squires

Loves to find out how things tick and see if he can put them back together. Shies away from anything with too much electrical current unless he really has to deal with it. Has a tremor on the right side of his body that gets worse with stress.



Intelligence – 3 Strength – 2 Presence – 2
Wits – 4 Dexterity – 3 Manipulation – 2
Resolve – 1 Stamina – 2 Composure – 2


Computer – 1
Crafts – 5 Special Skill – Jury Rigging
Investigation – 1 Special Skill – Puzzles
Science – 3

Athletics – 3 Special Skill – Climbing
Firearms – 2
Weaponry – 2

Empathy – 1
Socialize – 1
Streetwise – 2

Strong Back – 1
Quick draw – 1
Resources – 3
Disarm – 2

Defense – 3
Size – 5
Health – 7
Initiative – 5
Morality – 7
Speed – 10
Willpower – 3
Virtue – Charity
Vice – Lust



Born Trevor Squires aboard the freighter Norsau. His parents were refugees and had been on the ship for seven years, having already give birth to his elder sister Amaya. At the time of his birth Amaya was six years old and tried to read the name tag on his bed, giving him his nickname to this day; Tresq.

Both his mother and father were engineers aboard the ship. Tresq and Amaya watched their parents do many jobs, fascinated by the work. Even in their bunks their father would continue to tinker throughout the night as the two stayed up as late as their mother allowed them so they could watch.

At the age of twelve, Amaya would drag Tresq around the whole ship looking for small things to fix. The others aboard would gladly give them all kinds of odd little jobs, often saying they were the only children earning their keep.

On Tresq’s 14th birthday the ship was docked at one of the many space stations. The head engineer of the station approached his mother and father offering them a job with room and board for the family. Amaya begged them to stay, only introducing her reason after they had moved there, Hajime Gima. Two years later the were married and decided to open their own repair shop aboard the space station.

Every spare moment Tresq had while aboard the station was spent staring out at space, longing for the travel again. One night, his sister approached him telling him he should go after what he wants. He did just that a few weeks later.

For years he traveled from ship to colony to space station doing odd jobs here and there. He was never quite sure what it was he was searching for, but he knew he’d find it one day. All of his hard work payed off twelve years later. It had taken six long years for his application at Cheiron Group to finally go through.

Tresq’s training took place aboard of of the Cheiron Group’s freighters for the first year. He was then transferred to a high risk job working as a mechanic in Lighthouse 2 on the Cheiron Lightkeep colony. A week after his thirtieth birthday, Tresq was in a bad electrical accident. He was able to come back to work after months of physical therapy, but the incident left him with both mental and physical scars. He now had a fear of (which he called a healthy respect for) electricity, and the accident left him with a tremor on the right side of his body.

Instead of firing a mechanic for not being able to work on certain systems, Treq’s boss decided to promote him to Engineer.

He spends his off days collecting junk and tinkering things together every chance he gets.

Trevor Squires

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