Sera Collins


27 yr
Short filthy hair, possible brown.
Pale and usually smudged with dirt and grease.
Wears a Cheiron jumpsuit and always has a tool pack on her back.


Intelligence -3 Strength – 2 Presence – 1
Wits – 3 Dexterity – 3 Manipulation – 3
Resolve – 2 Stamina – 2 Composure – 2


Computer – 3 Data Retrieval
Craft – 4 HVAC
Investigation – 4

Stealth – 2 Darkness
Survival – 2

Persuasion – 2
Streetwise – 2
Subterfuge – 3

Common Sense – 4
Tunnel Rat – 3

Defense – 3
Size -5
Health – 7
Initiative -5
Morality -7
Speed – 10
Willpower – 4
Virtue – Prudence
Vice – anger


Sera was the only child of two maintenance workers on one of Cheiron Group failing supply stations. Conceived at the request of the company for psychological studies, Sera was handed over to the company’s training program when she was 8 after the studies was concluded. She lived with her parents until her training was complete at 16 then requested a transfer planet side. She was transferred to a Mining platform instead.
Used to the opressive environment of the supply station, the chaotic, violent, unpredictable mining platform was a bit of a shock for her. Socially unprepared to deal with the independent miners, the politically manipulative bureaucrats, and the violent mash of humanity; Sera with drew into her self and into the underbelly of the station until getting adopted by the miners as a pet. During a clash between the miners and the Cheiron Group, Sera used her access to the platform to proved information and supplies to the miners. When the hostilities came to a head, Cheiron sent in Security forces and Sera was arrested along with a group of miners who tripped over themselves to sell each other and her out for a better deal. Feeling betrayed and angry, Sera kept her silence and was sent to a Cheiron correction facility.
When she was 20 years old, Sera volunteered to be a test subject for a medical study in exchange for her conditional release and a planet side post. Details of medical study are classified and she was released and sent planet side when she was 22. She is required to have a monthly medical exam and where a medical monitor at all times.
She loves her new world even if it will kill her if she is not careful, and trusts it more then any one else on the colony.

Sera Collins

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