Kieghan Varos

sneaky investigative journalist


Age – 37


Intelligence – 2 Strength – 1 Presence – 1
Wits – 3 Dexterity – 3 Manipulation – 3
Resolve – 3 Stamina – 2 Composure – 3


Academics – 2 Special Skill – Research
Computer – 1
Investigation – 2
Politics – 2

Larceny – 2
Stealth – 2

Empathy – 1
Expression – 3 Special Skill – Exposé
Persuasion – 3
Streetwise – 3 Special Skill – Rumors
Subterfuge – 1

Resources – 2
Danger Sense – 2
Contacts – 3

Defense – 3
Size – 5
Health – 7
Initiative – 6
Morality – 7
Speed – 9
Willpower – 6
Virtue – Fortitude
Vice – Pride


K. Varos grew up around the news world. His parents died while he was young, leaving his older sister to look after him. Journalism was her passion and she taught him everything he knew.

At the age of 23 he received a reward for breaking the story of the “Slave Ring of Droxyn 3”.

Six years later he received another for his undercover work on the planet Trovion, bringing to light the “Wyekern Vaccine Scare”.

It takes him two years to find his sister, seeing that she is now hospitalized with a horrible illness. He looks into her last story which dealt with the long term colonization of a moon called Reishi. He began digging and finding some unsettling things that the company had hid from the public eye. His research took him to a Dr. Olympe Nita that agreed to meet with him about the incident. When he got there he discovered it was a set up.

With his sisters insurance beginning to wain, Cheiron Group offered to pay all her expenses, and even cure her if he kept quiet about the incident. Even though it went against everything he believed in he agreed to their terms for the sake of his sister.

He decided to take a small news job near the hospital was being kept. He visited her each day, yet she never seemed to get better. For five years he stewed in his self-hatred, knowing his sister would have never wanted him to back down.

A few weeks after his sister took a turn for the worst, he received a call from Xabien, an old friend. The Mohnvic family had been close to Kieghan and his sister when they were young. They had helped her raise him after their parents passed away. Xabien’s oldest brother, Cazden, had apparently committed suicide. Kieghan was at a loss, offering to help the family anyway he could. Their offer would give him back the drive he needed.

Cazden’s family was extremely close. They told Kieghan that they had spoken to him hours before he apparently killed himself and that he was his normal self. What really got his attention was that Cazden had apparently started working for Cheiron Group about six years ago. About three years later he was sent to a planet called Erebus III working in a mining colony called Cheiron Lightkeep. Kieghan didn’t hesitate in offering to help find out what really happened. He knew the companies past, knew they were hiding something from the public. He decided to go undercover as the families Insurance Agent, Brysden Groves, looking into the suicide.

He said goodbye to his sister, got in touch with his old contacts, knew he had to lose any spotters the company had on him, and made his way to Cheiron Lightkeep.

Kieghan Varos

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