Dr. Olympe Nita

Dr. Nita has worked for the Cheiron Group for almost 20 years.



Intelligence -4 |Strength – 2 |Presence – 2
Wits – 3 |Dexterity – 3 |Manipulation – 2
Resolve – 1 |Stamina – 1 |Composure – 3


Academics – 2
Investigation – 1
Medical – 5 |Special Skill – Pathology and Emergency Care
Science – 2 |Special Skill – Biology

Athletics – 1
Stealth – 1
Survival – 2

Expression – 2
Intimidation – 1
Persuasion – 1
Subterfuge – 3

Eidetic Memory – 2
Ambidextrous – 2
Fast Reflexes – 3

Defense – 3
Size -5
Health – 6
Initiative -9
Morality -7
Speed – 10
Willpower – 4
Virtue – Charity
Vice – Pride


Age – 38

Born and raised on the Cheiron Group space station in the Falling Tide system. She studied medicine because she was told she would always find work as a doctor. The station was filled with refugees, most without work, begging the company for a some kind employment. After a just a few months in medical school Olympe became numb to the crowds, not even seeing them, not considering them part of her world.
At 19 she shipped out with a colonial party bound for Reishi, a habitable moon around a gas giant in the Lion’s Main system. She had spent over a year trying to secure the post. Reishi was a lush, pleasant world that drew many setters. Though an important part of a growing community, Olympe isolated herself, making few friends, focusing on her work.
Her duties covered the broad scope of medicine, from filling simple prescriptions to preforming artificial organ transplants. As the colony grew she began training workers, expanding her small practice into a large clinic.
The colony’s sixth year brought great challenges. The population had always suffered from persistent allergies due to the native fauna. After years of minor concerns, the earliest settlers, including Olympe herself, began showing symptoms of a serious illness. Olympe investigated this as more and more people flooded into her clinic. She eventually realized what had been seen by the early surveyors, by the Cheiron scientists, by herself as simple allergens were actually toxins, doing long term harm to the colonists. Each exposure was compounding the damage, recking havoc on respiratory systems.
Olympe appealed to the Cheiron Group, showed them her research and the data on the ill. She told them colonists had to be removed at once, starting with the most ill. But Reishi was a point of pride for the company, their greatest achievement. Reishi was used as a symbol of their success in pioneering new frontiers; a beautiful world were everyone wanted to live. The promise of creating another Reishi had drawn much interest and funding to the company. They blocked her requests, dismissed her concerns.
Olympe began experimenting with her own treatments for what she had come to call Reishi-sickness. A few of the colonist volunteered for such treatments, eager to help family and friends before their symptoms became worse. After the first colonists died of Reishi-sickness Olympe stopped looking for volunteers for her research. She simply dosed patients, without their consent, with her attempts at a cure. Though she didn’t tell her patients about her experiments, she still kept detailed notes, learning all she could about the disease and the best way to fight it.
For the first time in her life she had true drive. She was not simply working because she had to; she felt a passion for her work, for the people she was helping, like she had never known. Each small success was a hard earned, and each failure weighed heavy on her.
But she grew more ill by the day, often finding her notes after a night of research unintelligible, nonsense scribbled in fever delirium. Eventually she was unable to work, her assistants cared for her, but could to little else with their limited training.
Relief for Reishi and Olympe came finally from the Cheiron Group. With the mounting deathtoll they worried what effect this might have on the image of Reishi. The colonists were removed, only a few at first, the most ill, including Olympe. The company treated her. Her windpipe was reconstructed and she had an artificial lung transplanted to replace her now useless organic one. They found her notes, the details of her experiments. They were able to use it to paint her as a rouge, an irresponsible quack who was as much of a danger to the colonists as Reishi-sickness had been.
She fought hard at first, but to little avail. The company dedicated many resources to making her their scapegoat. She fought as hard as she knew how, but the sickness and her treatments had left her with weak breath and a crushed spirit.
In those days, in company medical facilities, awaiting the outcome of the investigation she thought for the first time in years about the crowds in Falling Tide station. She thought about how, without her job with the company, she would be just another face in that horrid mass. She knew she didn’t have the drive needed to live without Cheiron support
In the end she was told she could remain in their employ, that she would take whatever assignment she was given, and that she would never speak to anyone outside the company about Reishi. She accepted the deal without hesitation.
For over a decade she moved from ship to station to colony, staying only as long as the company ordered, taking little notice of her surroundings. As isolated as she had been as a young woman, she grew even more so with age, often not even bothering to learn the names of those she worked with daily.
Little shook her from the stupor of her routine but on some nights, when her chest ached from its long suffered damage, she would dream. The passion of those days on Reishi would fill her mind, she would remember fighting the illness, the planet itself. She would remember fighting the company and how grand it had made her feel. Then she would wake, struggle to catch her breath, push back the feelings in her mind, and fall back into a dreamless sleep.

Dr. Olympe Nita

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