It is known as Erebus III. A quiet, mostly lifeless planet tens of light years from Earth. Here colonists from a nearby space station have been slowly terraforming and mining the planet’s resources at the pleasure of the Cheiron Group corporation. It’s a ruthless, sink-or-swim existence. With few benefits, save that it pays just enough to live on and that the people of Cheiron Lightkeep tend to have one another’s backs.

Most of the time.

Then again putting up with people, even bandits and crooked traders, is the easiest part of living on this rock. Engulfing the air and land, since the planet was first discovered, is a strange, light-devouring substance known as The Dark. Clearing it with terraforming watchtowers, known as Lighthouses, is a day-to-day battle most have shoved to the back of their minds. The majority have better things—-and better scores—-to do than to worry about the wilder parts of the globe.

But beyond the walls of fire and light, beyond the civilization of Cheiron Lightkeep and the machinations of the company, one cannot help but wonder: What, if anything, does The Dark conceal?

To Keep The Lamp Alight

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